Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Avoid technology please..

Living in the world of IT and living in a complex society when people don't appreciate meeting people face to face due to the time constraint, having a technology to communicate is a greatest gift!

Having a business with no 'somebody' to offer a shoulder to cry on is the greatest challenge! People have to figure out whatever means to ensure their business survives and to guarantee their monthly bills, overhead & most importantly to continously gain respect from their wife and her family bla bla bla.

I remember during an interview, the owner of the biggest glove company in the world a malaysian told the interviewer, he had been working very hard because he scared his wife will run away! I know its a joke but at the same time it is undeniable a reality.

Utilising the IT is said to be crucial in term of marketing looking at the trend of our society. I think its the best place to do marketing. However, no matter how good your intention is when the usage of the technology was being misunderstood & spoilt by unknown intention of an individual plus with too much attitude of out of curiosity, everything which involved 99.9% of other individuals that was planned earlier must now be scrapped to avoid headache!

To cut the story short, the solution to the above problem, avoid technology and stick to the conventional way. Do every marketing by meeting people face to face subject to if they wanted to see your face or if there is someone to meet with or continously set a meeting with people who always manage to find reasons to avoid you.

Yeah, now we have to work much much harder for the uncertain!

P/s: By the way, what will we do if someone gives us hundreds acre of land?. Dont get me wrong.. I'm not saying i got it.


paneh said...

kau tau tak orang pertama di dunia yang berkata "serangan adalah pertahanan terbaik"? nanti minam aku bagitau.

cohong gym said...

Soalan : Apa nak buat dengan tanah

Jawapan : kau bagi kat aku

Anonymous said...

technology is good but some people misuse it for nothing but to gain worldly and unhealthy way of life..