Saturday, December 6, 2008

Landslide: a sad ending story..

i just read a news this morning about a massive lanslide in Bukit Antarabangsa which had claimed so far life of 4 people. The rescue force are still working out to find people that are believed still trapped in the mud. It was reported 14 bungalows were involved in the landslide. We just cannot rule out the possibility there are number of people are still missing. A few days back, we were saddened by the similar tragedy in Rawang that had claimed 2 life and the most recent was in Jalan Semantan.

I just do not know what to say, there're mix feelings..just fed up and tired since in the next few days, weeks and so on you can expect people would be pointing finger whose to be blamed. Of course, the authorities concern are in the hot soup!

What i see from this tragedy is more towards the shattered hopes and dreams of these people to live in the house where they can protect and weather their family from any harm and of course to make them comfort by living in their dream homes by their hard earned money. But now everything was swept away by the power of nature...

Living in Bukit Antarabangsa itself is a dream comes true by some people. What more to those who are capable to live in a bungalow. However, little to their knowledge that their dream house especially that in the hill area could later turn to be their worst nightmare or their own 'cemetery'..

Its a sad ending story of hopes and dreams..

P/s: Dengan izinNya..

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paneh said...

kadangkala kalo Allah nak mengajar kita, Dia beri kita ilham buat sesuatu yang bakal menyusahkan kita.