Monday, April 14, 2008

Duty Free PD

The Star today's headline stating that PD will have a duty free zone, and a new customs, immigration and quarantine complex after a muli-million ringgit land reclamation project is completed. I think it is timely for the state government to boost tourism in Port Dickson. I had been in few beaches in Malaysia and had a great instinct to feel that PD is much-much better than other beaches in Malaysia provided the state authority will have to ensure the improvement in the infrastructures, cleanliness, attractive hotel packages and well maintained tourism spots, bringing new ideas in the pipeline on the new tourism spots, food attraction so on and so forth in PD

p/s: the next question to be asked, who will be the anchor company behind the project? does the company related to anyone's crony? (just quoting UMNO VP Muhyiddin Yassin concern on 'akar umbi' present thinkings over an interview).

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