Thursday, April 24, 2008

Malay representatives in Bar Council

When we look into the current situation in Bar Council, people are left wondering why the number of malay representatives are so small eventhough malay are now the majority in the law society's composition.

It is sad to see that majority of the malay lawyers do not really want to involve in any activities held by the Bar Council and failed to really appreciate the importance more representatives of malay lawyers in the Malaysian Bar Council. Please take note, the position of the President of the Bar Council had not been fulfilled by malay lawyers after few terms.

The same situation happened in almost all the states in Malaysia and malay lawyers are still sleeping.

As a lawyer, i feel that a wake up call shall be made to malay lawyers to make them realise on how importance they can contribute not only to the law society but importantly to the malay as a whole.

However, i do understand, by looking at the current economic situation and the situation faced by the malay lawyers especially the young ones (like me) who are dying to survive and to compete with the giant firms that are in majority controlled by the non malays, i would be slow in pushing them. But, those malay lawyers who are already senior, knowledgable, financially strong and has a goodwill, you owe not only us but the malay society a duty to fight through Bar Council for us. I believe when these lawyers move forward, there will be more and more young lawyers will follow.

p/s: my great concern, the majority of malay lawyers who are financially strong are those who are doing corporate, commercial, banking and conveyancing matters. I wonder if they can fight for us when it comes to the interpretation of legislation, constitution and other complicated matters which need arguements into court and confront with those who try to use laws to undermine malay's privilege. Mr. Zainur Zakaria, please lead us.

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a'kum...hai there..that's a good article..right now in melaka bar..the same things happen.while i'm in court watching all the lawyers..i can see the good litigation lawyers are mainly the non-malays...where the malay lawyers have gone? n those young lawyers who are good in court mostly are the opposition lawyers-barisan alternatif lawyers...they can talk research well..things to ponder n develop into action dear ampangan boulevard guy...!

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Syamsulfaiz said...

One thing I noticed too, most lawyers who are active in Malaysian Bar are litigation lawyers, irrespective of race. Only a few come from corporate practice like Mr Chooi and En Jal Othman.
I wonder why is that so? Speaking for myself (I practise corporate laws), it is hard for me to allocate time to be active in bar activities. Most of the time I have so much workload and tend to work until 12 midnight. But I know this should not be the reason. Because other lawyers are busy too.
Maybe litigation lawyers have more concern on issues in society compare to corporate lawyers? I wonder..

Abafahim said...

Malay litigation's lawyers had been neglected for so many years. We are said to be incapable compared to the non malay. We are totally rely on our knowledge and performance to get cases and sometimes we are not being paid or underpaid. Our clients come from those who are facing financial difficulties. We do not have the opportunities to get big shot clients or government's agencies cases as they preferred to engage established firms that charge them unthinkable fees and we are left to fight cases that are just enough for us to survive. We are fighting to survive, not fighting to meet dateline. We need support to ease our burden likewise support given to successful corporate, commercial, banking and conveyancing malay lawyers. We are proud to see all malay lawyers successful and later contribute. I believe irrespective what field that malay lawyers are practising, deep down inside their heart, they feel obliged to help malay's society. tq

cohong gym said...

Yes Sir, you are totally right. Malay lawyers are also good and some of us are better than the non-malay. But the people cant see them because they are not handling the high profile cases. Nobody will know Zainur Zakaria or Raja Aziz if not because of Anwar's case.
Like Ayid said, we, the young lawyer are struggling to survive. Especially if we are on our own. working with other people is not an option because most of us were underpaid compared to Chinese young lawyers especially.
May be Malay lawyers were not interested in BAR council. All this while the BAR was controlled by the non-malay (Indian mostly). The number of Malay lawyers who cast their vote in electing the BAR representative is very small. Thus, chances for a Malay lawyer to be elected is slim.
Yid, apa kata kau try bertanding. Aku bole tolong kau kempen.