Monday, April 14, 2008

The sons wage war

Gobind singh deo fired at Mukhriz's remarks that karpal singh resorting personal attacks against Dr Mahathir because he was still influential in the political arena even after retirement, by calling Dr Mahathir a dictator.

p/s: just asking out of curiosity, why is it DAP was so concerned to launch personal attacks on Tun and to defend Pak Lah? Is it because DAP wanted Pak Lah to remain at the helm and to see UMNO downfall in PRU13? Is it because Tun's influence shall see the downfall of DAP & Pakatan Rakyat in the next PRU?

Well, we will decide!

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cohong gym said...

yes, u had answer the question. The reason is to let Pak Lah lead BN until the next GE. The BN will be weaker if not weakest by the time and kill him off at one go