Saturday, June 14, 2008

Dr M's former aide wants action against Justice Ian

The Star 14.6.2008

Kuala Lumpur: High Court Judge Datuk Ian Chin should be removed for the statement he had made recently.

The former political secretary to Tun Mahathir also challenged Ian J to a public debate on the issue he had raised, such as the claim that judges were threatened by the executive during a Judges' Conference in 1997.

He questioned why Chin had only made the statement now.

"I challenge him to cite me for contempt of his own court. "And I intend to lodge a police report against him.

"If it was all at true, he should have lodged a report with the police", he told a press conference at his office here yesterday.

He called on Chief Justice to conduct an immediate investigation on the matter and exposed what actually had happened in the conference of judges held in 1997.

"He used the words 'boot camp' and 'indoctrinated'. Sice when did Malaysia indoctrinate anyone?"

Meanwhile, Karpal Singh told a press later that Ian Chin J, having made the statements in court, should lodge a police report as well as seek protection from being sued by Dr Mahathir.

p/s: Takda penyakit, cari penyakit.


Watan Marhaen said...

Who is this Mathias Chang? Was he really TDM'S ex secretary? Never heard of him before or he is just one of many so called TDM's ex employee?

AnakAmpangan. said...

Dia memang antara Sec Pol Tun M masa Tun M jadi PM. Sampai sekarang Cina ni setia kat TDM bukan mcm kebanyakkan ahli Umno yg ada sekarang.

Watan Marhaen said...

Setia ada makna tu(ikut skrip Senyum Kambing Utusan)